Please note: Half pans are 9”x13” aluminum. The full pans hold roughly three times the amount of food as the half.
Item Size Notes Price
Brisket Empanadas Half Pan 25 pieces, BBQ Aioli 90
Chicken and Vegetable Soup 1 QT. Carrots, Celery, and Onion / Smoked 14
Chili 1 QT. Brisket or Vegetarian 20
Crudite 18" Platter Choice of Garli Aioli or Ranch 45
Fried Cauliflower Half Pan Garlic Aioli 30
Nachos Half Pan Brisket or Vegetarian Chili 40
Pickles QT. House-made 10
Pretzel Bites Half Pan Carolina BBQ Sauce 30
Sampler Half Pan Onion Rings, Pretzel Bites, Fried Califlower 30
Wings 25 pieces BBQ, Buffalo, or Smoked 30
Main Dishes
Item Size Notes Price
Brisket 1 LB Smoked / Chopped 32
Pulled Chicken 1 LB With Caramelized Onion 18
Rib Meat 1 LB Smoked / Chopped / With Onion and Bell Pepper 40
Chicken Quarter per piece Dry Rub / Smoked 9
Item Size Notes Price
Brisket Baked Beans QT - 20
Half Gallon - 38
Gallon - 74
Cole Slaw QT Creamy(mayo) or Vinegar 14
Half Gallon Creamy(mayo) or Vinegar 25
Gallon Creamy(mayo) or Vinegar 46
Corn Bread per piece, min 4 maple margarine not included 2.75
Grilled Vegetables Half Pan Zucchini, Squash, Bell Pepper, Onion 35
Full Pan Zucchini, Squash, Bell Pepper, Onion 90
Green Beans Half Pan Sauteed with shallots 30
Full Pan Sauteed with shallots 70
Mashed Potatoes Half Pan - 30
Full Pan - 80
Roasted Potato Wedges Half Pan - 35
Full Pan - 80
Root Vegetables Half Pan Oven roasted carrots and parsnips 35
Full Pan Oven roasted carrots and parsnips 90
Item Size Notes Price
Mixed Vegetable 12" assorted veg, choice of dressing 35
18" assorted veg, choice of dressing 50
Caesar 12" romaine, croutons, "parmesan" 35
18" romaine, croutons, "parmesan" 50
Mediterranean 12" romaine, pomegranate vinaigraette 35
18" romaine, pomegranate vinaigraette 50
Item Size Notes Price
Brownie 25 pieces - 50
Chocolate Chip Cookie 25 pieces - 50
Bread Pudding Half Pan seasonal flavors 40
Sauces / Misc.
Item Size Notes Price
BBQ Sauces Cup Kansas City, Carolina, or House 5
Pint Kansas City, Carolina, or House 8
Quart Kansas City, Carolina, or House 14
Aioli Cup BBQ, Chipotle, Garlic, or Jalapeño 6
Pint BBQ, Chipotle, Garlic, or Jalapeño 10
Quart BBQ, Chipotle, Garlic, or Jalapeño 18
Ranch Cup - 6
Pint - 12
Quart - 24
Maple Margaine Cup - 3
Pint - 6
Quart - 12
Pretzel Rolls Dozen - 15
Slider Rolls Dozen - 8
Challah (mini) Dozen - 8
Challah 1 LB - 8
Grape Juice 22 oz - 6
Item Size Notes Price
Chicken Tenders (gf available) Full Pan ~ 10 lbs 200
Chicken Stir Fry (gf) Full Pan ~ 15 lbs 220
Grilled Strips (gf) (marinated with lemon and thyme) Full Pan ~ 15 lbs 220
Chicken Schwarma with pita (chicken is gf) Full Pan ~ 15 lbs 275
Roasted Chicken Quarters (choice of many flavors) (gf) Full Pan 30 pc 250
Chicken Salad (Classic, Curry, or smoked) (gf) 1 Gallon Bowl - 110
Item Size Notes Price
Sweet And Sour Meatballs Full Pan ~100 pc 200
Grilled Beef Kabobs With Veggies (gf) Full Pan ~75 Skewers 350
Beef Deli Roll (corned beef or roasted beef wrapped and baked in a pastry) Full Pan 3 Rolls 225
Wrap Platter Assortment (turkey, roast beef, pastrami, veggie) 18'' Platter 34 Halves 340
Item Size Notes Price
Tuna Salad (traditional or mayo-free) (gf) 1 Gallon Bowl - 120
Smoked Salmon (gf) 1 Gallon Bowl - 140
Item Size Notes Price
Traditional Caesar 18'' Platter - 50
Mixed Veggie w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette (gf) 18'' Platter - 50
Mediterranean Salad w/ Pomegranate Vinaigrette (gf) 18'' Platter - 50
Crudité Platter w/ Hummus or Garlic Aioli (gf) 18'' Platter - 50
Item Size Notes Price
Asian Sesame Noodles 1 Gallon Bowl - 36
While Wheat Penne w/ Pesto, Vegan Parmesan, and Sun-Dried Tomato 1 Gallon Bowl - 40
Sweet Potato Salad (gf) 1 Gallon Bowl - 40
Grilled Coleslaw (gf) 1 Gallon Bowl - 36
Zucchini and Yellow Squash Casserole* (baked in tray; trays are equivalent to 1 gallon side) (gf) 1 Gallon Bowl - 40
Roasted Red Potatoes (gf) Large Pan - 40
Red Potato Salad (gf) 1 Gallon Bowl - 40
Israeli Salad (gf) 1 Gallon Bowl - 36
Green Bean Salad (gf) 1 Gallon Bowl - 40
Roasted Root Vegetable (gf) Large Pan - 40
Egg Salad (gf) 1 Gallon Bowl - 40
White Bean and Broccoli Rabe (gf) 1 Gallon Bowl - 40
Farro and Grilled Veggies 1 Gallon Bowl - 40
Item Size Notes Price
Lukshon, Yirushalmi, or Potato Full Pan - 80
Beef Cholent Full Pan - 150
Veggie Cholent Full Pan - 75

Milt’s is available and equipped to host private Shabbat Dinners on Friday nights. Please email or call us directly at the restaurant to discuss the full range of options and fees associated with these events. Listed below are three options created based on the most popular entrée choices, but we are happy to build a custom menu that is more suited to your needs. Each menu option is priced per person and includes challah, one glass of wine/ grape juice for kiddush, soup or salad, two side choices, and dessert. Prices below are for food only.

Entrée Selection: Smoked Chicken Quarters ($38 per person), Smoked Chicken Quarters and Brisket ($52 per person), Smoked Chicken Quarters and Ribs ($90 per person)

*Vegetarian and Pescatarian items available for substitution, may require additional charge

Soup: Smoked Chicken and Vegetable, Seasonal Soup Offering

Salad Options: Mixed Vegetable, Caesar, Mediterranean

Side Choices: Brisket Baked Beans, Cole Slaw (creamy or vinegar), Corn Bread, Green Beans, Grilled Vegetables, Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Potato Wedges, Roasted Root Vegetables

Desserts: Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies or Brownies

Milt’s is happy to help you plan your special day, whatever that is! Please review and submit a completed copy of the Event Questionnaire to You are welcome to use the Catering and Wedding Pricing document to familiarize yourself with some of our menu options and pricing. As always, we are eager to collaborate with you and create a custom-tailored event.

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