Catering and Events

Milt’s BBQ has years of experience catering anything from small business luncheons to full service weddings and everything in between. The tabs below cover our customers most common needs, but we are capable of handling above and beyond what is listed below.
For more detailed information you can reach out to the catering team by emailing or calling the restaurant at 773-661-6384. All catering orders will be immediately confirmed by phone if they are received. If you do not hear from us immediately, please call the restaurant to confirm your order has been received. 
*Milt’s usually needs a minimum of 48 hrs notice to ensure availablity of all products.


All packages are for a minimum of 10 people


As we work to improve our website, please call all catering inquiries into the restaurant at 773.661.6384 and we will be happy to walk you through our menu. 

Kiddush Packages

Chicken Tendersfull panabout 10 lbs175
Chicken Stir Fry (gf)full panabout 15 lbs200
Grilled Strips (gf)
(marinated with
lemon and thyme)
full panabout 15 lbs200
Chicken Schwarma
with pita (gf)
full panabout 15 lbs250
Roasted Chicken Quarters (choice of many flavors) (gf)full pan30 pc180
Chicken Salad
(Classic, Curry, or smoked) (gf)
1 gallon bowl--100
Sweet and Sour meatballsfull pan~100 pc200
Grilled Beef Kabobs with veggies (gf)full pan~75 skewers350
Beef Deli roll
(corned beef or
roasted beef wrapped and baked in a pastry)
full pan3 rolls225
Wrap Platter assortment
(turkey, roast beef, pastrami, veggie) (gf)
18'' platter60 halves225
Tuna Salad
(traditional or mayo-free) (gf)
1 gallon bowl-120
Smoked Salmon (gf)1 gallon bowl-140
Traditional Caesar18'' platter-45
Mixed veggie w/ balsamic vinaigrette18'' platter-45
Mediterranean salad w/ pomegranate vinaigrette 18'' platter-45
crudités platter w/ hummus garlic aioli (gf)18'' platter-45
Asian Sesame Noodles1 gallon bowl-36
While wheat penne
w/ pesto, vegan parmesan, and sun-dried tomato
1 gallon bowl-40
Sweet potato salad (gf)1 gallon bowl-40
Grilled Coleslaw (gf)1 gallon bowl-36
Zucchini and yellow
squash casserole*
(baked in tray; trays are equivalent to 1 gallon side) (gf)
1 gallon bowl-40
Roasted Red Potatoes (gf)large pan-40
Red Potato Salad (gf)1 gallon bowl-40
Israeli Salad (gf)1 gallon bowl-36
Green Bean Salad (gf)1 gallon bowl-40
Roasted Root Vegetable (gf)large pan-40
Egg Salad (gf)1 gallon bowl-40
White Bean and Broccoli Rabe (gf)1 gallon bowl-40
Farro and Grilled Veggies (gf)1 gallon bowl-40
Lukshon, Yirushalmi, or potatofull pan-80
Beef Cholentfull pan-150
Veggie Cholentfull pan-75

Please click HERE for the Kiddush Ordering Menu

Offsite Events

Group Packages

Milt’s has two set options for either a group of 4-6 or 8-10 people.

$109 Package (4-6): 6 chicken quarters, 2 lbs brisket, green beans, smashed potatoes, KC bbq sauce, rolls, 6 brownies

$165 Package (8-10): 10 chicken quarters, 3 lbs brisket, green beans, smashed potatoes, KC bbq sauce, rolls, 10 brownies

Milt’s offsite catering packages are the easiest way to order for groups of 10 or more. All of the packages listed below include our world famous pickles and BBQ sauces.

Friday Night Dinners

All packages are for a minimum of 10 people